Alan Jehamy of SoCalBrokers and Keegan McNamara of McNamara Ventures 

Alan Jehamy of SoCalBrokers and Keegan McNamara of McNamara Ventures 

It is easy to get lost in the excitement of purchasing options for your new home – the key is to make choices that benefit you in the long run.  One of the most beneficial upgrades today is a quality solar system.  But, the process of deciding what and when to purchase can be unclear and complicated. 

To lessen the confusion, The Guild has partnered with San Diego based,  SoCal Solar Brokers, who are committed to providing accurate, non-biased advice based on their expertise in the solar industry.  With their extensive knowledge and dedication – the SoCal Solar team educates buyers on how a solar system, and a few quality “tech” tools, can elevate the sustainability of your new townhome.  This partnership also has enabled The Guild to offer the latest solar technology in panels.  These panels are unique in that they let the sunlight through them and are very aesthetically pleasing – enhancing the homeowners experience on our roof top decks.

By creating a SMART LIVING Upgrade Package The Guild is offering each homeowner the ability to reduce your carbon footprint, elevate your ability to control the systems in your home, and practically eliminate your electric bill. 

The SMART LIVING upgrade package includes the installation of high-quality solar panels, a NEST Thermostat, Amazon Echo and WEMO switches.  

The Benefits of Solar Energy

Harnessing just some of San Diego’s abundant sunshine just makes sense. Here are some of the main benefits of adding a solar system to your home:

1.     In a city that has some of the highest rates of utility bills, having alternative sources of power is a financially wise decision. 

2.    Each solar package includes six Sunpreme 370 Watt Bifacial Panels with 285 Watt Microinverters.  The translucent panels should produce more than 3,300 kWhs per year – with is equal to more than $650 of energy if you were to purchase it from SDG&E at their lowest rate.    Utilizing solar energy significantly lowers what you’ll be paying SDG&E each month. While utility companies fluctuate their prices regularly and sources of energy become increasingly unreliable, investing in solar energy is a wise decision. This amount of energy these panels produce is equal to the average usage of a home the size of Guild’s one bedroom. The two bedroom home only will use slightly more.

3.    An additional benefit is that when you claim The Guild as your primary residence you may qualify for a 30% deduction of your qualified solar expenditures on your Federal taxes.

What This Means For You

Here’s the bottom line. We’ve worked hard to incorporate the best technology that truly add value to your home in a way that is affordable.

Even if you opt out of the eco-friendly upgrade - each townhome at The Guild is still built to maximize energy efficiency from roof to garage floor. You’ll probably spend less on your utility bill than you would in another home. Expect to pay around $70 to $80 per month to SDG&E. 

If you decide to invest in the SMART LIVING upgrades, you can finance them with your home loan. That would mean paying an additional $40 to $50 per month on your mortgage, but you will be paying next to nothing on your utility bills. By opting for the SMART Technology upgrade in your home will actually save you money! 

Environmentally Friendly – “It’s just the right thing to do

On average, residential solar systems save 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide in just twenty years. Using renewable energy sources is a huge step in the right direction for reducing our carbon footprint and dependence on other energy sources. The Guild townhomes are intentionally designed at every level to be eco-friendly. Opting for solar energy is simply the “icing on the green cake.”

About the Guild on 30th
A Joint Venture between McNamara Ventures ( and Agora Partners ( the Guild on 30th is a condominium community dedicated to improving green living opportunities. Keegan McNamara, Principal of McNamara Ventures, is passionate about urban infill and the tenets of Smart Growth ( Focused on developing small-scale, high-density, residential and mixed-use projects in San Diego County, Keegan McNamara and Howard Kozloff, the Principal at Agora Partners, have turned a meeting through common interests at the Urban Land Institute ( into a  close partnership dedicated to advancing thoughtful housing with a purpose.