Barrio Login College Institute

THE GUILD on 30th’s commitment to sustainable living goes far beyond the utilization of “green” housing materials and our dedication to ensuring each home is constructed with the most modern technology.  By embracing sustainability on a more global level McNamara Ventures has  organized his development team to participate in a giving program that is designed to benefit Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI) students.  

By assembling a group of industry-related professionals, THE GUILD on 30th will guarantee a minimum donation of $15,000 ($1,000 per home at the close of escrow) to the students at BLCI.  The Guild has also identified an anonymous donor who will match all funds raised, increasing the commitment to a minimum of $30,000. 

Starting with each homeowner, the professional development team at THE GUILD has pledged to donate funds to provide opportunity for others to achieve their educational goals.  By design this plan, through BLCI, reaches out to individuals at a young age that will grow to impact their neighborhood and their community - creating a superior urban experience for all. The benefits for all involved are almost too many to list. 

BLCI serves as an after-school tutoring and mentoring program for students that can often be left behind based on their economic status or access to services based on their social environment.  Most of the students are the first in their family to graduate from high school, and virtually none of their parents have attended college.  Of the more than 300 kids they assist each year, from grades 3 – 12, 100% go to college.  Inspired by the true dedication of the students, staff and families at BLCI, THE GUILD is dedicated to making their path to success a community effort.  

“BLCI is changing kids’ lives, their families’ lives, and helping to improve the neighborhood,”  commented Keegan McNamara, president of McNamara Ventures, developer of THE GUILD.  “Many of their graduates have gone on to very prestigious universities, including the Ivy League, Pac 12, and others.  And in the true spirit of sustaining a better way to live, the kids come back to the community to assist with the program and mentor those who are coming after them.”

With the sale of each home, a minimum of $2,000 will be donated, in the name of the new homeowner, to BLCI for the benefit of funding programs that further enhance the opportunities for BLCI students.  Each gift will be memorialized with a plaque that will enhance each home as a permanent remembrance of their participation and to commemorate their gift.

        “I can’t think of an organization that is having a more meaningful impact on their community. By sponsoring events that directly benefit BLCI like the Opportunity for Impact Event this week - we take positive steps in securing a better future for all of us. ”
        Keegan McNamara, McNamara Ventures

        “Education is the basis for all opportunities. To have the ability to help these young individuals achieve a level of opportunity never before afforded them or their family is an incredible honor.  In these kids, we have a bright future for San Diego.”  
        Cooper McLaughlin – HomeStreet Bank      
        CityMark Realty  
        “It is always important to ’lend a hand up’ and give others a chance to succeed that wouldn’t normally have that opportunity.  By enabling the children in our community this great support system, we only make our neighborhoods stronger and more sustainable.” 
         Marla Hovland,  CityMark Realty  

        SoCal Solar Brokers
        "We believe it is critical for small businesses to give back to the communities they serve. We are     thrilled to support this great cause."    

        Alan Jehamy - owner SoCal Solar Brokers