Guild /gild/ (n.) 1: an association of people with similar interests or pursuits; 2: a group of skilled craftsmen in the same trade, formed to promote forward thinking, quality products, and a communal spirit

While the construction of our 15 unit townhome complex is nearing completion, the vision and concept for The Guild on 30th has been in the works for a long time. Beyond the raw materials these homes are made of, The Guild is also comprised of ideals and intentions to bring the community together.   

Guilds were formed by forward thinking craftsmen, committed to the quality of their trade and the improvement of their community. They believed in a common cause, and worked toward it – which was the key to their communities’ flourishing. This ancient fellowship is a symbol for what we’re creating in our new home community at the corner of 30th and Broadway.

Here are some of the aspects that The Guild shares with tradesmen from the past:

A Passion for Craftsmanship

Guilds played an important role in “raising the bar” in various industries. Members would create standards of quality for the products they were making and selling.

This commitment to well-crafted products is in the very framing and finishing details of our townhomes. We set our standards high: our infill project is built to the highest standards of environmental performance and sustainable design.

We worked with leading industry professionals, throughout the construction process. Each townhome is structurally independent, with no common walls. The intentional small air space that separates each home gives an added layer of quiet and privacy.

We take just as much pride in our high-quality interiors.  The Guild features high-end design elements such as quartz countertops, real wood shaker-style cabinets, farmhouse sinks, LED fixtures throughout, standard NEST thermostats, vaulted ceilings with abundant natural light, and cutting-edge Smart Home technologies.  With our available Solar Package we are even including extra perks – an announcement on our option package will come soon.

A Culture of Innovative Thinking

Where progressive people gather to address areas of need, growth and innovation happen. Throughout the country, and especially in San Diego, there is a return to the urban core; a mission to revitalize our original neighborhoods.

The Guild on 30th was built in such a neighborhood, Golden Hill.  With many pre-1900 homes, Golden Hill is one of San Diego’s most historic and eclectic neighborhoods.  Inspired by the Panama-California Exposition of 1915 it became one of the San Diego neighborhoods that was connected by an extensive public transit system of streetcars.  Like all neighborhoods, the character evolves over years and generations, and Golden Hill is now in the midst of a new revitalization.”

Designed with the intentionality of Smart Growth Principles, this urban infill project seeks to find creative and sustainable solutions for residential development. It is our desire that this “smart growth” will be a catalyst for other innovative solutions to housing that our region requires.

A Commitment to the Community

Guilds are defined by a strong sense of community.

From the onset, these homes have been about community. The support of the neighborhood in this development has been incredible. And we have some exciting announcements in the near future about how The Guild will be giving back.  Stay tuned.

From the design of the homes to the people who will live there, this is a community of quality. If you’d like to hear more about how you can be a part of The Guild, contact one of our residential advisors today by emailing, calling 619.269.9800 or visiting

About the Guild on 30th

The Guild is being developed as a Joint Venture between McNamara Ventures ( and Agora Partners (  Keegan McNamara, Principal of McNamara Ventures, is passionate about urban infill and Smart Growth ( and is focused on developing small-scale, high density, residential and mixed-use projects in San Diego County.