It’s down to the finishing touches. Before we know it, we’ll be ready for some lucky homebuyers to start calling The Guild “home!”

The vision to provide well-designed townhomes that are affordable and support sustainability within the city of San Diego is almost a reality. This dream has been a driving force, not only for the neighborhood of Golden Hill or for the people that will be living in The Guild, but for me as well!

I should introduce myself. My name is Keegan McNamara, and I am the principal at McNamara Ventures. Projects like The Guild on 30th remind me of why I chose this career path of real estate development in the first place. I’ve always been passionate about finding ways to enhance neighborhoods through “Smart Growth” design and I’ve  dedicated the work I do at McNamara Ventures to focus on multi-family residential, mixed-use, and adaptive reuse of existing buildings. I am excited to be at a place where I can realize the amazing efforts of a dedicated team that are working toward a more sustainable lifestyle for everyone.

When I saw an opportunity to do such a project at 30th and Broadway around three years ago, I knew I had to take it. There was so much potential for a really high-quality infill development that the neighborhood really needed.

I asked a good friend to join me in this endeavor. Howard Kozioff is not only a Managing Partner at Agora Partners, but he’s also a national speaker and expert in the field of urban planning and real estate development. He and I both share the goal of finding long-term solutions to the issues that urban areas face.

Howard and I met in Seattle a couple of years ago at the Urban Infill Developer Conference, which is run by the Urban Land Institute (ULI).  We hit it off because we are both very passionate about neighborhood-scale infill development and innovative contemporary design. On a personal level, we work great together, we have a very strong partnership.

Because we both come from the ULI background, we’re equally committed to developing unique, sustainable communities with a strong sense of place. We share a commitment to helping preserve communal land with compact building design. Our primary goal is to add value to the communities in which we develop. I couldn’t think of a better partner to join me in helping make The Guild on 30th a reality.

Throughout the whole project, Howard and I have had the privilege of working with so many innovative people who are leaders in their respective fields. We wouldn’t have been able to do this project without them.

The folks at Studio E Architects were nothing short of incredible with their innovative design ideas. They bring intentionality and creativity into every step of the process is recognized nationally. It was truly an honor to bring their ideas into being.

Michael Mihos Construction has done incredible work, with the kind of attention to detail that is needed in LEED certified construction. With more than 30 years in the business, their award-winning work has truly made San Diego a more beautiful place to live.

CityMark Realty caught our vision right away. They are passionate about connecting people with places that feel like home and doing so with honesty, integrity, and expertise. They have experience working with infill projects and understand the community needs well.

And most of all, we cannot express enough gratitude for the community members that have shown their support throughout this whole process. From the get-go, the neighborhood has been nothing but supportive. We are excited to help the up-and-coming Golden Hill flourish.

Before we know it, a handful of other amazing people will be a part of the story as well--the residents who will live in one of the fifteen townhomes! If you are interested in being one of those lucky people, contact one of our residential advisors today by emailing, calling 619.269.9800 or visiting

About the Guild on 30th

The Guild is being developed as a joint venture between McNamara Ventures ( and Agora Partners ( Keegan McNamara, Principal of McNamara Ventures, and Howard Kozloff, the Principal at Agora Partners, met through the Urban Land Institute ( and have formed a close partnership. Keegan McNamara is passionate about urban infill and the tenets of Smart Growth ( and is focused on developing small-scale, high density residential and mixed use projects in San Diego County. Howard is based in Los Angeles, and is a principal and investor in other urban infill projects throughout the country.