We are happy to announce that framing has started for The Guild on 30th! Neighborhood residents and potential buyers alike are excited about San Diego’s newest type 3 condo development. It’s fantastic to watch The Guild being built because it is a type 3 Condo, which offers some significant advantages over traditional condos.

According to the President of McNamara Ventures and developer of The Guild on 30th, Keegan McNamara, a primary benefit of this type 3 condo is that “Instead of owning paint-to-paint, like a typical condo, The Guild homeowners will own their land, their lot, their building exteriors, and roofs.”

So what does that mean?

Type I is the typical arrangement, where the building and grounds are defined as one large common area. The buyer owns the interior space of his unit, while a homeowner association is created to own and maintain the entire common area.

Type II condominiums extend the purchaser's ownership beyond the interior air space of his unit to include exterior structural elements such as the roof, stucco, plumbing, etc., with the homeowner association owning and maintaining common areas such as swimming pools, walks, landscaping, etc.

Type III condos are unique because the buyer owns everything between his property or unit lines, including the ground, the building, the driveway, the landscaping, etc. That’s right.  YOU own the land, too.  Type 3 condo projects combine the privacy and control of a single-family home and the accessible pricing and modern conveniences of a condo.

The Guild on 30th

Offering the traditional appearance of fashionable row homes, The Guild on 30th units will all be structurally independent. “Each foundation is separate, although interconnected, vs. a traditional mono-slab pour,” said McNamara. McNamara also describes these homes as having  “a 7” airspace gap between the units, each stand-alone townhome will have its own roof, garage, yard, walks, landscaping, irrigation, lighting, and more.”

Unlike a “typical” condo, The Guild features independent structures.  This photo shows how each foundation is separate but inter-connected. When completed, the homes will appear to be a single contiguous building, but will have a 7” airspace gap in-between, with structurally divided walls, which means no shared walls with your neighbor!

This also allows the HOA dues to be kept at a minimum.

The Guild on 30th is designed as a welcoming urban retreat that offers the best of Golden Hill, with a building that infuses a sense of history and place. With sweeping views of the Bay, The Guild on 30th features 1 & 2 bedroom town homes ranging from 899-1195 square feet and is slated for completion in winter of 2016.  Homebuyers are encouraged to register to secure their interest in one of these new homes at The Guild. For more information click here or, to schedule a tour, contact The Guild Sales Team at 619.784.8453 or sales@guildon30th.com.  

About the Guild on 30th

The Guild is being developed as a Joint Venture between McNamara Ventures (www.mcnamaraventures.com) and Agora Partners (www.agorapartners.com).  Keegan McNamara, Principal of McNamara Ventures, is passionate about urban infill and the tenets of Smart Growth (www.smartgrowth.org) and is focused on developing small-scale, high density, residential and mixed use projects in San Diego County.  Keegan McNamara and Howard Kozloff, the Principal at Agora Partners, met through the Urban Land Institute (www.uli.org) and have formed a close partnership.  Howard is based in Los Angeles, and is a principal and investor in other urban infill projects throughout the country.